SEEK Learning - Homepage Redesign project

Project team:
1x UX Lead
1x UX designer (myself)

My roles:
▶ UX Design
▶ Visual Design

It was the end of the year and the homepage was getting pretty tired, users were interacting with the search but not really interacting with anything below the fold. Also it was getting on a bit in the looks department, so a refresh was decided on to brighten up the page and put more of the page to work in helping users get to where they wanted to go.

What we currently had
The heavy lifting on the homepage was done by the course and location search, but below that we had a lot of space spent describing SEEK Learnings value proposition, and then way below that a tab box of different industry categories that users could search by. This section got some use from users, but we felt it could be improved.

Wireframing and goals
During previous research sessions we had learned that users often didn’t know what they should be searching for, or searched for industries incorrectly. We hypothesised that by raising the usability and prominence of the industry links that users who preferred to browse rather than search could find the industry term they were after easier. We wireframed up a variety of designs on desktop and mobile to work out what kind of layout could work.

Design iterations
After landing on some leading ideas we started to flesh out the wireframes. Giving a strong CVP in the header to give users context, reducing the size of the other content, we also worked on removing the tab box and expanding out the industry links so that they wouldn’t be hidden away.

Outcomes and learnings
We iterated on the designs, landed on a final design and got to building soon after. We decided to simplify the amount of industries shown and made them as appealing as possible to the audience. To flesh out the home page some more we also added links for popular courses and study advice links as well for those who are browsing (and for added SEO benefit). The new design went live and it went down well with users and stakeholders, the industry links were getting a lot of user attention and the redesign overall helped give the site a fresh new feel.